Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Lovely Fall

It seems like I can hardly keep track of the time, somehow we're already halfway through November, and it feels like we were just in the middle of summer. Here is some of what we've been up to in September and October:


Enjoyed our yard and flowers: 

Cheery sunflowers

Our 'wall' of Morning Glory, it was over 15 feet tall by the end of the summer!

 Went to the Utah State Fair:

She thought this was pretty great!  And I'm sure Jon did too...
Kid's Farm Days at the State Fair- She wasn't sure what it was all about, but she got to wear a fun apron and carry a bucket, and that was reason enough to enjoy it!

Enjoyed the warm evenings and beautiful sunsets:

From our back porch.

Planned a camping trip, then it snowed, so we braved it and went anyway:

Everything is better in the camping chair.

It was beautiful in the morning, but we were just a little cold the night before.  Ok, a lot. But we still enjoyed the trip! And the tent heater.

As long as she wasn't stuck inside of it, the tent was WAY fun.

Leaves starting to change-such a pretty day.


Enjoyed General Conference:

 Sofia wore her costume as often as she could:

We carved pumpkins: 

Ate pieces of the carved pumpkins:

Ok, only Sofia actually ate it. And she ate multiple pieces. 

Went trick-or-treating:

And helped me hand out candy, until she was all worn out:

We've already had several adventures in November, but I will save those until I have the whole month (and more time) to post. 

Sofia is growing up so fast, she suddenly is too tall for several pairs of pants, is retesting all of her (and our) limits, and surprises us pretty much every day with how much she learns.  She sang the ABC's to Jon the other day, which was the first time she'd really done it on her own.  She is a little mimic, she'll hear something once and repeat it back.  She loves dressing and undressing, and usually comes out of her room from 'napping' in either a new outfit, or just additions to the outfit she was wearing before the nap.  I think the highest number of shirts she's had on after her nap was 4.  She loves singing, has started singing along with her favorite movies, any song she recognizes, and still dances to any available music. She makes us laugh often, and is very opinionated about things like what she has for breakfast, which movie she watches, and where Zoey is sitting.