Thursday, September 23, 2010

Autumn Equinox

In honor of today being the first day of fall, I would like to proclaim just how much I love this season.  Granted, I get excited for most seasons as we are changing over to them, so don't be surprised if I say something similar for the other three seasons as well.  But right now, it's all about leaves changing colors, the days getting cooler (well, maybe someday here in Utah, it seems determined to hold on to Summer), sweaters, pumpkins, Halloween, and that 'gathering in' that I seem to feel like is happening...don't ask, just go with me here.  

We haven't had a chance to go up to see any fall colors yet this year, so here are a couple pictures from our trip to Alpine Loop last fall:  

I heart Fall!

Monday, September 13, 2010


So this was from a couple weeks ago, but I'm just so impressed that we FINALLY got some tomatoes.  Ok, a lot of tomatoes.  Don't mind the terrible picture was a quick shot with my cell phone.

 We didn't end up eating those gigantic summer squash.  The giant zucchini was of course turned into yummy zucchini bread.  I'm thinking I have at least one more batch worth out there...

We also have several LARGE pumpkins from our greedy pumpkin plant that was planning a takeover way back in this post.  What are we going to do with several large pumpkins???  Well...that's an excellent question.  I know we will carve at least two of them, and that only leaves us with about 4 or 5 more.  I'm sure SOMEone we know could use a pumpkin!

As a side note, someday I really am planning finding something to blog about besides my's going to freeze soon, so I'll have to come up with something, right?