Sunday, November 25, 2012

Snow Day

A few weekends ago, we got our first decent snowstorm of the season.  I'm pretty sure we had more snow in that one storm than we did all winter last year, so it was exciting to see some accumulation.  Sofia had never really seen snow, and she was definitely interested when she noticed it.  We bundled her up and took her out to try walking in it:

She wasn't so sure about that, there was enough of it that it made her feel unstable, so she didn't want to walk much, but she enjoyed watching the dog run around.  And just being outside, of course.

One of her many favorite words right now is 'cold', which I believe she was saying in this picture, right after she finally took a handful of snow: 

 We didn't stay out long, and I'm hoping we get more snow this year so we can go out and try it again.

This Sunday was Sofia's first time going to nursery for the whole two hours.  We had gone in and visited for a few minutes a couple times, and I was a little worried about how she would react when I left, but she was great!  I told her goodbye, walked out, and she was happy as a clam in there with all those toys!  I stood outside the doors, waiting for screams, but never heard them (from her).  I peeked in a couple of times, she was always busy but happy.  One of the times I saw her wrestling an Elmo doll away from someone else...we may need to work on sharing, especially when it comes to Elmo! Our nursery leaders are great, and I picked up a happy, but exhausted, girl afterwards:

She wore her new dress from Aunt Marcie that is so pretty, and even managed to leave the hair clip in.  When she went down for her nap after church, she actually wanted to get in her bed, and fell right asleep without the usual chatter or running back and forth in her bed after I leave the room.  I could get used to that!