Sunday, August 15, 2010

Meteor Showers

In case you aren't nerdy and in the 'know' like us, the yearly Perseid Meteor shower, which is what the picture above is from (that I got from this website), was last week.  I have fond memories of not only seeing this at Girls' Camp in the Wind River mountains in Wyoming, but also at home with my family on the lawn at night, under a pile of blankets.  So, for several years now (like 6) when this time of year rolls around, I've been dragging Jon outside, up random canyons, somewhere that we could get away from the city lights to see a few meteors.  He went, begrudgingly at first.  Now that we live in Eagle Mountain (read: the middle of nowhere to anyone from "the valley") and there are far less lights, it's him that is filling up our air mattress, grabbing a blanket, and heading to our backyard so we can lay out and watch for the meteors.  The best time to see them is always somewhere around 4 in the morning, so we usually aren't out for that, but we probably saw at least 10 good ones in the hour or so we were out.  Then, the mosquitoes zeroed in on us, the air mattress had leaked enough that I was starting to touch the ground, and I started dozing, so we headed in.  I am so good with living in the middle of nowhere!


The Reynolds said...

I AM nerdy, but just don't stay up late to enjoy the stars. Wish we did! Looks awesome.

Eric and Hayley said...

So fun! I was so grumpy at Eric b/c I didn't know about the shower and he told me the day later. He said he saw a bunch on his way to work. Well I guess I can't be too grumpy b/c I'm not the one getting up at 4:25 a.m. to go to work. Hehehehe